“Mara has been a Godsend for me these last 2 months. I was having issues with chronic hives which after testing by two doctor’s was diagnosed as idiopathic – so we may never know what they are from and they will resolve on their most likely. It was recommended I do an elimination diet- specifically Whole 30 -by a colleague at work which seemed daunting to me since it cut out so much from the diet. I had been following Mara on Instagram and saw she offered food prep so I reached out to her about it. That started my road to healthy eating which has improved my hive outbreaks, have improved my overall feeling of wellness- I just feel better, and I have lost 6 pounds. She not just prepped for me for the 30-day diet but helped educate me on eating cleanly and has given me a solid foundation on which to build upon. I honestly did not crave many of the foods I thought I would during the 30 days and now prefer not to put some foods back into my diet as I feel lighter and more energetic. I cannot say enough about Mara and how wonderful her guidance has been. I will continue to use her recipes and tips. Thank again, Mara!!”

-Elena N.


“I’ve Been Best Friends with Mara For Years, But I Never Thought She’d Save My Life!

Getting a diagnosis of a rare disease is scary. It’s even more terrifying when your doctor basically says “good luck, we will see you in 6 months,” leaving you with google as your best source of information. I knew Mara from our hometown and that she developed stomach problems a few years earlier. Of course, I did not pay much attention to her struggle because just like everyone else, I did not understand it, nor did I think I had to. About 3 years later I was struggling with extreme nausea and acid reflux. I reached out to Mara and she instantly began giving me tips and tricks of home remedies to help soothe my symptoms. I never thought I would actually be diagnosed, but a few months later I got the results of my gastric stomach emptying exam back and it was official – I too had idiopathic gastroparesis. Once reaching back out to Mara to share the news, she instantly began helping me. This is one part of chronic illnesses I hadn’t given much thought to – understanding the disease. Mara explained that I needed to understand what was happening in my body to better treat myself and to explain to those around me what I was actually going through because support is so important.To help me get a grasp on my diagnosis, she sent me articles, book suggestions, websites dedicated to gastroparesis, as well as people on social media suffering from the same or similar illnesses. The tips did not stop there. She went into detail about her journey to where she is today and explained why prescriptions and masking symptoms are not always the way to go. Mara believes in healing and living a healthier lifestyle to combat and fix the symptoms of the disease, working with your body to find what works for you, and listening to the signs and symptoms it sends every day. She suggested that I begin taking probiotics and enzymes to help aid in digestion. Over the next couple months, Mara worked with me to add Iron, Magnesium, and B12 to my daily regiment. Mara understands what your body needs to function properly and how having Gastroparesis can mess with the ingestion of proper nutrients. She sent me books, recipes, exercise and meal plans, explaining the benefits of changing eating habits and physical activity. Because of Mara, I got to skip years of suffering and hiding my symptoms. I know how my body is doing. I have good days and bad days. but at the end of the day, I know that I am doing all I can to feel better. Sometimes it is still frustrating, but having Mara to turn to, with any question, no matter how stupid it may seem, is the biggest comfort. She is always willing to listen and work with you to develop a plan that is beneficial to YOUR individual body and situation and heal you from the inside out. Mara has helped me live a life that I thought would be impossible on my worst days early into the disease. She is comforting, full of so much knowledge, support, and most importantly hope. When I am scared, tired, and frustrated Mara is not only my friend but the best healer I could have ever asked for.”

-Suzanne K.


“I may be biased because I have been dating Mara for almost 4 years, but then again maybe I know better than anyone just how much she cares. To Mara, this is not a hobby, but a life passion. I’ve seen her work hard every day at something that she believes with her entire heart will change the lives of those who come in contact with her. Her knowledge is based entirely on her experiences (and battles) with gastroparesis. I’ve been there night after night to see her sit up sick, and I’ve seen her conquer the sickness as well, naturally. A few years ago I too suffered from acid reflux so bad that even cereal was giving me heartburn. Together with Mara, she helped me heal my stomach to the point where the disease went away. Instead of taking Nexium to simply cover up my problems, she helped me heal and restore my stomach so that it no longer existed at all. If you find yourself having even the most minor gut issue, please take the time to talk to her. There’s no need for the terrible side effects of drugs when you can heal yourself with herbs and foods.”

-David M.