Healing Through Holistic Nutrition + Herbal Direction

“You are the best doctor your body could ever ask for”



It’s true! If you’ve taken the time to read my full journey to natural medicine and lifestyle, you know that I didn’t always have this mindset. I understand that most of the time it takes until you’ve reached your lowest point to want to change. So whether you’re on the fence about trusting your gut, literally, or feel somewhat familiar with a holistic path, I’d love to hear your story and talk about how to feel your best.

Conditions I’ve worked with as well as experienced myself: Gastroparesis, Leaky Gut, Acid Reflux, Hormone Imbalance,  Indigestion, Heartburn, Headaches, Migraines, Low-Energy, Depression, Anxiety, Anemia, Inflammation, Acne, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Loss of Appetite, Irregular Menstrual Cycles, and many more. (Don’t see your topic on the list? Just ask!)

So, you may have noticed that some of these problem areas don’t seem related to the gut. But they are! Instead of covering up these problems, I want to help you get to the source of them. Once we understand the underlying cause, we can work together to better understand our bodies.

When we have a conversation I don’t only want to discuss your problems. I want to discuss your life. What brings you joy? What’s your favorite music to listen to and what’s your favorite food? Are you a night person or a morning person? What’s your personality type? (I’m an ENFP, but love my alone time as well) Everything I recommend I want to cater to you.

First, we’ll talk about food. Food should be fun and amazing and blissful. It should nourish not only your body but your mind and your soul. Don’t feel like taking a huge chunk out of your day to cook? We can work around that. Or maybe you love cooking and experimenting but don’t know where to start. I got you. My passion is creating herbal concoctions and treats, but if you’d rather be making music or on a photo shoot or simply working that 9-5, that’s what I’m here for. I am here to devote my time to work around your life. I spend all of my time researching holistic solutions so you don’t have to. And I freaking love it!

Next, I want to discuss supplements. Again, whether you’ve taken your fair share in the past or are completely new to them, let’s figure out a path. While some people are able to absorb everything they need from food, others may need some help getting there. When I was at my lowest point, supplements were a huge part of my life. To be honest, they still are but I take fewer now. I can promise you right now that anything I recommend will never be addictive or come with side-effects. That’s just not my style and I doubt it’s yours either.

Movement! Some days I sit on the couch re-watching The Office all day. Some days I wake up early, meal prep for the week, practice vinyasa yoga, and second shoot a wedding with my boyfriend. I’m all for balance too. Fun fact, your moon cycle has so much goodness revolving around it. The way you exercise throughout the month even has to do with it. These are all things we can chat about.

Lastly, if we meet and I feel I am too unfamiliar with your condition, I will do my best to find someone that isn’t. I love creating genuine connections and would be honored to refer you to a Natural Doctor or even a friend that may experience similar issues.

I truly want to hear your story and better understand you. Send a little love letter right here, and I’ll get back asap. In the meantime, feel free to read some testimonials over here.

Thank you for taking the time to honor your body.

And as always, Nourish Sankalpa.