Thanks for stopping by! If someone would have told me before college I would find myself through holistic nutrition and wellness, I wouldn’t have believed it for one second. I never knew how much passion and longing a soul could have for something until I understood how to heal my body organically. I can’t help but spread every bit of it with you. It is my greatest intention to nourish our bodies and understand one another, so here’s a bit about myself in this moment.

When I’m not working, you can find me re-watching episodes of The Office, searching for the closest pad thai spot, holding crow pose until I fall over, listening to the Bibio radio on Spotify, or making kombucha. I’m always looking for the nearest pup to pet and matcha latte to sip. I love talking about personality types. I’m an ENFP that likes a lot of downtime and deep discussions. Meditation and yoga are a vital part of my day.

Currently, I reside in Pittsburgh, PA with my love, David. He’s the most genuine soul I’ve ever met and my best friend. I’m biased, but he shoots the most beautiful photos and teaches me a little bit every day. One of our favorite things to do together is to visit grocery stores. I don’t mean to go grocery shopping, I just mean physically walk around the store. For some reason, we just like the vibe and smell of Whole Foods.

I believe that when we feed our bodies what they need, we feel our best. When we feel our best, we have the power to be our best. If you’re interested in reading how I got here, you can find my whole store over here.






“Within darkness,

there is always a light that guides us.

Looking deeper,

we realize the darkness is an opportunity

to awaken to our true potential.”


Satsuki Shibuya